Is Wedding Videography Worth it?

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We get it. You’re planning your wedding and there are soooo many things to think about and so many expenses to plan for! You’re wondering, ‘do I really need wedding videography when I already have photography?’ Is wedding videography worth it?

Wedding videography is one of the only expenses that stands the test of time.

Think about it. You have spent so much time and money planning the perfect day, and it’s such a unique blend of joy, happiness, nostalgia, and heartfelt promises. But most of the things you spend money on at a wedding will be gone after the wedding day. The decorations, the food and drinks will be fleeting memories, the flowers will dry and wither… none of it lasts. Wedding videography is the only way to make those moments come to life and allow you to relive the magic whenever you want!

Have no regrets.

Let me tell you from experience… the answer is ABSOLUTELY! My husband and I chose not to have a wedding videographer at our wedding (pictured) 12 years ago because of budget. And its personally one of my biggest regrets from our day! And I’m not the only one. According to surveys, 98% of brides who did not hire a professional wedding videographer regret their decision!

Relive the moments.

We can all agree that professional wedding photography is a necessity. But there are aspects of your day that can’t be captured in a still image. As wedding filmmakers who specialize in story-driven wedding films, we place a high value on audio in our films. This allows us to capture the full essence of the candid, heartwarming, and beautiful moments. We incorporate letter-readings and interviews with the couple into our films to capture your mindset and all the feels you have on wedding day.

In 30 years when you sit down with your kids and grandkids and reminisce about the life you and your partner have built together, there’s nothing that will place you right in the moment of your wedding day like a wedding video. Hearing your spouse talk about the love you have for each other and seeing their face light up is something you can only get from wedding videography! Professional wedding videography is a must. If you’d like to talk more about the professional wedding videography services we offer to couples in Jacksonville FL and beyond, we’d love to talk more with you! Click here to set up a time to chat. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture one of the most important moments of your life and relive your day for years to come!


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