Super 8 Wedding Videography


We’re big fans of Super 8mm film over here. The nostalgia of hearing the camera click and seeing the frames roll by as you see the memories come back to life can’t quite be duplicated with anything but film. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your film and bring a hint of nostalgia to your wedding film. We offer a combination of Super 8 Wedding Videography and more traditional digital wedding videography to give your beautiful 4k film a vintage, personal touch.

How does Super 8 work?

Our Super 8mm film footage is shot on a vintage Canon camera onto Kodak Film. After all of the film has been exposed on your wedding day we ship that film to company who processes the film.

Once your film makes it to the processor they develop the film into a digital file. That digital file is then sent over to us and we get to edit the footage and make your one of a kind vintage Super 8 Wedding Film. We deliver a film that is Super 8 film only (between 3-5 minutes depending on your package). We will also use some of the clips incorporated into your Highlight film.

Incorporating Super 8 into the Highlight Film

Once we have gotten all the beautiful and nostalgic footage back we then weave those moments into your highlight film, like this one. The combination of film and digital into one product creates a film that is both timeless and full of heart. If you’re interested in having Super 8 Wedding Videography coverage, we’d love to chat more with you!

all photos by Kelly Martucci

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